• Board of Directors

  • PRESIDENT : Raymund J. Manaig, CPA, MBA

    • More than 4 yrs of finance and accounting outsourcing service delivery experience from a multinational firm.
    • 14 years extensive experiences in consultancy, accounting, audit, and tax practice
    • 10 years teaching experience in the college of accounting and business administration
    • More than 14 years experience as an entrepreneur
    • Trained Fumigator with actual hands-on experience on both Regular and Australian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme (AFAS) fumigation operations
    • Certified Pesticide Applicator (CPA); FPA & BPI, and AFAS Accredited Licensed Fumigator


    VICE PRESIDENT : Florommel J. Manaig, CPA

    • 17 years of manufacturing & technical operations experience from a multinational firm
    • Certified Industrial Safety Engineer
    • Certified Supply Chain Logistics Engineer
    • Certified Pesticide Applicator; FPA & BPI Accredited Licensed Fumigator


    HR MANAGER : Maria Pamela A. Manaig

    • Master of Arts in Counseling with Masteral units in Human Resources Management
    • 16 yrs of experience in all facets of Human resources management
    • Training Consultant (Career Development Leadership, and Management)
    • Experienced in setting up ISO certified systems procedures
    • 7 years teaching experience in College of Psychology



    • More than 14 years of accounting & stewardship service delivery experience in a multinational company including governance responsibility for an external business partner.
    • Certified Pesticide Applicator; FPA & BPI Accredited Licensed Fumigator
    • Accredited Responsible Care Officer (ARCO)