• Fumigation Service

  • The service will include: Preparation, Application, Monitoring, Aeration and Clean up


    Check Fumigation Site: Checking will be done by our Sales and Marketing Associate before the fumigation, to ensure site is suitable for fumigation: if indoor – at least 5m risk area, and if outdoor – at least 3m risk area. Flooring of the fumigation site should be gas-tight no cracks, or drains, should be smooth no stones, or protrusions and in a safe, well ventilated working area.


    Prepare Commodity: Preparation for fumigation will be initiated during your normal operations and will not interfere with your processing. Commodity should be stacked to allow good circulation (free air space). Impervious wrappings removed, slashed or perforated. Commodity should not be impervious to fumigant.


    Prepare and Install Equipment: Vaporizer will be filled and heated. Enclosure will be sheeted and sealed to floor with sand snakes. Fans and monitor tubes will be installed. Warning signage will be placed in fumigation site.


    Prepare the Gas Enclosure: Ensure “danger area” and surrounds are free of unprotected personnel. Prepare leak detectors and ensure they are operational. Put on test respirator. Release small quantity of fumigant, test fittings for leaks and correct if necessary.


    Apply to Gas Enclosure: Release of Methyl Bromide will be rendered by South Fumigation Professionals Inc. trained Fumigator. The fumigant will be contained for a period of 24 hours.


    Start Point Monitor: Gas levels will be measured if equilibrium is achieved. Ensure gas level is still at or above standard and document.


    End Point Monitor: Gas levels will be measured if equilibrium is achieved. Ensure gas level is still at or above standard and document.


    Release Gas/Aeration: Upon conclusion of the designated exposure time, enclosure will be opened and ventilation procedures will be carried out by South Fumigation Professionals Inc’s fumigator. All signs, sealing materials and other fumigation equipment will be removed. Warning signs and danger sign demarcation will be removed.


    Process & issue certificates: Necessary certifications will be processed. A copy will be delivered to client’s office.


    All materials and equipment required to render the service as described herein will be furnished by and remain the property of SOUTH FUMIGATION PROFESSIONALS, INC. Materials used and methods of application will be in accordance with authorized regulatory agencies.



    In accordance with the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI), Fertilizers and Pesticide Association and in compliance with Republic Act Law (where required), fumigation service materials will be applied by a certified applicator or an individual working under the direct supervision of a certified applicator. It is our policy that all our service and supervisory personnel be certified in all states where fumigation service materials are applied.

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