• Why Us

  • It is normal for a customer to ask himself which pest control operator (PCO) should he engage. The common answer is to choose a PCO who existed decades ago and who have established his name and goodwill among customers.

    However, there are PCOs who have existed just few years back but, already gained a good share of the market because these young-generation PCOs are more technical in terms of operations and innovations. This makes them more competitive and more preferred service providers.


    South Fumigation Professionals Inc. (SFPI)’s technicians do not only render the pest control service. They explain to customers answers to technical questions—not leaving customers with doubts on how they have performed the work and what to expect.


    SFPI is not contented to provide pest control services by just doing the conventional approaches performed by many older companies. SFPI shows its clients that there are brand new ways on how to inject or apply pesticides/baits to infested/not yet infested areas without practically destroying their house specifically the floor, wall and ceiling. Our technicians will show a customer the consequences and considerations to take before deciding or approving how the materials shall be applied and how the service shall be rendered.


    Our people are well-trained, not only on the operational services but also on proper discipline. Our company invests in our people by giving good examples, preparing them technically, and carrying with them our company’s values and principles while at work and at home.